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I often am reminded about how important early investigation is to any automobile collision, because it is only by getting out there and looking that we can really find out what happened. I saw this picture recently:

Look at it and you have to ask what the heck happened? The only way you are going to find out is to ask. To find the driver and talk to the two guys out at the scene. It is also a reason why early photographs need to be taken.

It's so interesting that the insurance companies are all out there right away. There are even companies that advertise their little trucks for their fast action. Ask yourself: Do you think they are ever really working for you? No, they are protecting their money.

At the same time, people are ridiculed for taking early pictures and for even talking to a lawyer early. Who do you think is driving that belief? Yep, it's the same people who want to hide and protect their profits.

Take the time to figure out what happened and make sure you understand your rights. Talk to a qualified attorney who is experienced and well funded enough to do the investigation needed. Make sure the right questions are asked and that all of the evidence is preserved.

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