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It happens a couple of times a week.  We will sit down with a potential new client and they will tell us their story.   Then they will get to the part about how the adjuster keeps calling them every couple of days.  We will ask “Progressive?” and most of the time we are right.  Now this isn’t clairvoyance ,  it is result of seeing it happen over and over again.  They are very aggressive in getting ahold of people  because it saves them money. They get out there and offer money, give legal advice,  and close a file.

Get out there:   They know right away who is involved because they get called by their insured.  So they don’t have to wait and they have a reason to call right away.

Offer Money:  They dangle money out there for people who need it or think “Gee, I am getting something for nothing”. They pray upon the poor and weak.  They press the buttons of those who are less informed,  but talking about how lawyers will just take the money.   They also know that the offer will keep some lawyers from taking the case because the client should be allowed to have the original offer.  So if the case is worth somewhere in the teens and there is an offer that reduces the fee,  then work is being done to get less of a return.

They give legal advice:  They explain thresholds,  how the court system works,  and what lawyers do.   None of these adjusters are lawyers and none of them have tried a case.  So how do they legally give this advice?  Who do they have to answer to if they give incorrect information?   Do you think they are saying what they are for your benefit  or the company’s?

Close a file:   They move on to another case  and the injured party lives with the problem.  If they get completely better, then the 500 or 1000 dollars really is a gain. If you don’t meet a threshold, you don’t even get that.  However,  if you do have a permanent injury and  or lifetime medical care,  they just played you for a sucker.

Talking to an experienced accident attorney is free.   If we can make a difference we will tell you.  If they offered you enough ,  there is no reason for us not to tell you that.  If you are interested in protecting yourself and your family,  take the time to call.





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