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I ran across  a very interesting blog from Minnesota 2020 about discussions in Minneapolis  regarding the use of apps.   Apparently, they are already being used in other cities.

Too Many Apps for Drivers?

The idea is that you could use your cellphone to pay for your parking meter  and maybe even use it to find the parking spot.   The problem, as the post points out:

In fact, firing up your smartphone to locate a place to park could violate Minnesota’s ban on texting while driving. So could feeding data to Waze, an app just sold to Google for $1.1 billion that allows users to crowd-source real-time updates about traffic conditions.

All of these convenience ideas have got to stop when they are linked to driving.   There is already way too much calling going on where people aren’t worrying about driving first.

The creators of the apps have defended the changes by pointing out what other distractions drivers have.  While it is true that there are other distractions, they shouldn’t be added to or simply replaced.   It also is important to remember that there is a major problem with any distraction that takes your eyes from the road.   Any phone app would take the driver totally out of driving.

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