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As with the overall numbers, it was great to see less motorcycle deaths on Minnesota highways in 2009. The number of riders and bikes continue to increase with record highs of licensed riders (387,159) and registered bikes (226,678 ).

In 2009, there were 47 deaths which is the lowest number since 2002. Injuries and property damage collision were also down. As with motor vehicle deaths the greatest number of deaths are taking place in rural areas of the state.

For safety purposes it is also worth considering that most deaths are taking place in June and between 3 and 5 pm. Of those riders killed there was a greater percentage of alcohol results of .01 to .07. Suggesting that any drinking and riding isn’t a good idea. A review of the law enforcement factors for the collisions shows speed playing a big role for the riders killed and inattentive driving as a cause with other vehicles.

In looking at the numbers, a couple of things are clear:

– Don’t drink and drive,

– Start seeing motorcycles and their smaller friends the mopeds, and

– and let’s make sure all drivers share the road!

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