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It's always irritating when you get behind a truck and it starts dropping stuff on you. If there is material that should be tied down or secured and it's coming off, there is no question that there are laws being broken. But what about when it's chunks of ice and snow? Presently, there is no Minnesota law directly on point. Although there are most likely negligence issues that would need to be reviewed civilly.

The recent injuries to a man in Chicago brought up questions. He was traveling along when ice flew off a truck traveling in the other direction. The"white bomb" smashed his windshield and caused his car to crash. Witnesses have identified very little of the truck and the police are still hoping to find the driver for more information.

Legal Examiner sometimes writer Truckie D gives us some good advice with:

"For now, stay well behind any truck in the winter".

There are questions about what the driver should be responsible to do. It may not be safe for them to physically climb up and clear the roof of a tractor, and there are claims that there is no good equipment for the task, but can't something be done? I have heard that more could be done with the roofs of trailers. Hopefully these questions will lead to more ideas and maybe more awareness of the concern.

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