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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

Here at the Injuryboard, members have written about the need to check the lug nuts on your wheels after you buy tires. It's been pointed out :

If you get new tires, you should within a few days return to the garage to have the lug nuts re-tightened. That’s especially true if you have alloy or aluminum wheels. Under-tightening, working loose, failing to replace or over-tightening are all recognized problems with serious consequences.

It was the very first think I thought of when I came across the story of a injury near St Cloud. A woman was standing near a mailbox in Kimball when a trailer wheel struck her lower right leg. The wheel broke off a trailer tandem axle. It is so sad when these real life examples have to be teaching moments. But, tires shouldn't just come off.

Please take the time to check your lug nuts and also while your at it, check the age of your tires.

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