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There have been a lot of posts here at the Injuryboard covering the states that have been forward looking enough to make texting illegal while driving. Some states have added emails to ensure that there are no loopholes. For semi truck drivers, the question has now come up about their computers.

Yes, many of the trucks are now being equipped with complete laptop systems. I would guess that it gets used a lot. But, what about the law? The drivers are saying they can use them safely and responsibly. Seems to me the real question is when are you using it? I haven’t seen a law yet that bans any of the items from being in a vehicle, it only prevents it’s use.

Truck safety has been a big issue around here as of late. The recent study which indicated that the number of truck accidents should be of great concern and at the same time posts about what the number mean. Clearly, the size of the vehicles and the damage that is done when there is a collision has got to be considered in weighing the significance of all of the concerns. What does even a couple of seconds of distraction add to those concerns?

For anyone involved in a collision with a semi truck, it’s clear that questions should be asked about the use of these items. Because, despite having a "Don’t Use While In Motion" warning, there is a proceed button. Yet, another reason why hiring an experienced attorney can make a difference to you.


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    I am guessing that you are mostly talking about Qualcom type systems.

    You are correct that many of these a driver can make function while in motion.

    I have driven with them for a few company's, my current company they are at this time shortening the cables on them so that they cannot reach outside the sleeper.

    I believe this is a good way to solve that issue.

    Actual laptops are another issue.

    Most drivers do not use them while driving, but some do. Both for computer GPS systems and traffic, news, etc.

    I do not think that laptop based systems should be used in the drivers compartment of a truck in motion at any time.

    I am pretty sure that a GA law that is being worked on covers this, but I am not 100% sure.

    1 sec of not watching the road at 55+ mph is bad news in any vehicle, especially if proper following distances are not followed.

    I am 100% for any laws on cars and trucks that strive to solve this issue.

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