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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The Minnesota Department of Revenue requests the following information be shared with check-cashing facilities in Minnesota:

There have been multiple attempts in the last week to cash fraudulent checks bearing the State of Minnesota routing number (096000962) but not the State of Minnesota name. The fraudulent checks show “State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company” or “Legacy Home Health Care” as the payer. Someone cashed these checks at Walmart stores in Fargo, ND, Superior, WI, Fridley, West St. Paul, Hermantown, Forest Lake and Pine City in Minnesota.

Counterfeit checks can be quickly identified. If a check bears the State of Minnesota routing number (096000962) and is not issued by the State of Minnesota, it is fraudulent. If you believe you’re handling a counterfeit refund check, please contact your local police department.

If you are presented one of these fraudulent check call the police right away.

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