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In a recent report, the U.S. Department of Justice looked at recent civil trial numbers and verdicts. The report found a major drop in the number of civil trials, with numbers decreasing by 52 percent from 1992 to 2005 in the nation’s 75 most populous counties. The report also found the median final award had decreased, from $72,000 in 1992, to $43,000 in 2005, but that Plaintiffs won in 56 percent of all general civil trial cases.

The fewer number of trials supports the conclusion that a majority of courthouses are seeing around the county. The whole myth that there are growing numbers of civil trials is absolutely false. The impact of those trials also blunts those same myths as to the unsupported contention that there are juries just eager to give away money.

Making the choice to go to trial is not an easy one. Asking a group of people that you have never met to make determinations as to your past and future is scary for any plaintiff. Going to trial with a Certified Trial Specialist is one way to assure you have a time tested attorney on your side. Also asking the right questions about the experience that a potential attorney has, can give you the assurance that you have the right advocate on your side.

Some of the advantages in hiring an attorney who has tried a number of cases include:

1) The experience to advise you as to the value of each demand and settlement offer.

2) The assurance that the other side knows that they will try the case. This can lead to fairer offers and less posturing.

3) The confidence that your trial will be properly presented to the judge and/or the jury.

4) Someone on your side to deal with the Delay, Deny, Defend tactics of some of the worse Insurance companies.

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