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The Minnesota Republicans held their central committee meeting last Saturday and elected their new party leaders. It’s an event to half pay attention to for me. Seemed like many of the speakers at least tacitly admitted that the party has a problem. With the two term governor Tim Pawlenty stepping aside, they are facing some of the same leadership issues that the national party is and the Democrats have over time.

The speaker who shocked me was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. I guess it shouldn’t, she’s been spouting off crazy things for some time. I’ve even taken the time to blog about a couple of them.

But, it seems to me that she is going to a whole new level of fantasy words.

Her take on the economy is that the world is now in chaos and capitalism is being killed by the Obama Administration. I guess it’s possible. But her view seems to be based on such a one sided view. Wasn’t she in Congress for a couple of terms now? Didn’t she see what a rotten economy the Bush administration created? The recent ironic Pravda article about the death of capitalism seems more in touch with reality. This is after a week where she called the President a gangster and continued her ongoing battle with the truth.

Next was her ongoing attack that ACORN is going to be running all of our elections? I doubt they have the numbers. It might solve some of our problems like the Senate race here in Minnesota and the butterfly ballots of Florida. But, she means this to be a bad thing. It all goes to her claim that ACORN gets money that it uses to register voters. The reality is that the money is Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and goes to ACORN Housing, an affiliate of ACORN that offers home ownership counseling to low-income families.“CDBG rules list eligible uses of the money, including such things as building sidewalks, sewers and affordable housing, mostly. Specifically ineligible: ‘political activities,’” said Politifact ,a Pulitzer prize-winning operation of the St. Petersburg Times . “In other words, ACORN can’t use the money for voter registration.”

Finally, a new favorite as she claimed that American soldiers now had to read Miranda rights to Al Qaeda. I first have to wonder if she believes anyone should get their Miranda rights? But, back to the point, where does she get support for this claim? An O’Reilly report tnat misquotes another Congressman? It is an absolute untruth. The whole Guantanamo debate is whether we can just lock people up without charges, if they should get a hearing at some point and if we should at least treat them like prisoners of war.

It seems like she says enough that she actually believes this stuff. Hopefully, at some point she will stop getting chances to say them.


  1. Gravatar for Greg Podesta

    Seems these types of Republicans are clinging to a "talking points" strategy and are keeping their fingers crossed that their base doesn't get internet savvy, lest they lose their jobs.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    Maybe, although I really do hope she is an extremist for the party. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. Gravatar for Daniel 8791

    I believe the Pravda article was meant to be somewhat comically sarcastic, although not entirely. I'd like to think that Michele Bachmann believes that she is going to gain some brownie points with far-right Conservatives, with her outlandish statements; similar in the fashion of the ever outspoken Ann Coulter. I'll give you 5 to 1 odds that Mrs.Bachmann's next run for any office is an unsuccessful one; even if the Republicans win more offices than the Democrats in that voting session.

  4. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi

    It's difficult to listen to knowing that we have so many problems. While not all were created by the last Administration, many were and were exacerbated by those who have hijacked the Republican Party. They can't figure out that this radical rhetoric may sound enlightened to the Religious Right to the working men and women of this country they sound like a bunch of nuts. However you may feel about Obama, it’s not possible for a President after the short time he's been in office, to be responsible for ruining capitalism. Are we supposed to forget that it was Bush who wrote the first $700 Billion to the Wall Street crowd? The reasoning is sophomoric and in another way scary. This kind of radical thought is capable of anything; unfortunately most of that “anything” is bad for the country. The real question is how do we clean house in Washington and rid the gutters of this radical element.

  5. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi

    Mike: One more comment. You're using the incorrect link. Change the YouTube embedded link to the smaller link (the top one) and it will show up in the post. Then delete this comment.

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