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In a report today, the New York Times uncovered that at a time when there is the most financial turbulence since the Depression, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is less able to handle cases. Since 2001, the number of cases taken has been cut in half. The reason being that budget cuts have prevented the agency from doing their jobs.

This is scary news for people who are facing financial ruin due to fraudulent mortgage and investment schemes. Imagine if all criminals were able to help themselves by defunding the opposition. Pressure on the F.B.I. has recently increased with the disclosure of criminal investigations into some of the largest players in the financial collapse, including Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac., American International Group, and Lehman Brothers, on top of the 1,500 other mortgage-related investigations all ready on going. The Times reported that "some F.B.I. officials worry privately that the trillion-dollar federal bailout of the financial industry may itself become a problem because it contains inadequate controls to deter fraud."

For the scores of people affected, this may mean that a civil remedy is their only and best option. If the criminal agencies can’t get the job done, then justice will have to be found with the help of an Attorney who practices in this area of the civil system.

Here at the InjuryBoard, members have been writing about the ways that ordinary citizens can be helped. It will be important that these criminals not be allowed to walk away with the money unprosecuted. The very reason for the Civil system is to give people that remedy.

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