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Well, the session is over and really this group did nothing. It is amazing that they came in saying they were all about jobs. Not even close. They didn't even do their own jobs well. The session for the most part was filled with:

– Social agenda items that don't seem to excite anyone but their most right wing base.

– Attacks on consumers with tort reform, anti union bills, and going after teachers.

– Constitution amendments that will reduce the vote in Minnesota and make this state the only state that is actively going to attack gay marriage.

Now they believe in what they do, but seems to me that this was a better party convention of right wing day dreaming than it was a session of really representing all of the citizens of Minnesota.

I hope that the voters of Minnesota don't buy the made up lines that we are going to hear from this group as they get back to campaigning. We really need leadership right now, a group that is working for all consumers and cares more about jobs and making life better.

This was a horrid example of leadership.

PS I guess the memory will be that they did keep the Vikings here.

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