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The conservatives have clearly whipped up their groups against trial lawyers. Going back to the Bush/Rove, attack the trial lawyers that started in the early Texas political runs, they really have done a great job. I am interested in the statements like:

I bet the human garbage trial lawyers in America are praying for some radiation to make it over here

or this one:

With gas prices and health-care cost s rising, the last thing we need to do is continue padding trial lawyers’ pockets.

Sometimes I take the time to leave a comment. Sometimes I roll my eyes and move on to read something more logical.

But, this is the first time I’ve decided it’s worth spending some time here. What is it that makes the writer think that me and those who do this work are "human garbage"?

I would believe some of it is the commercials out there. But with all of the overall commercials out there, does it really make sense that a few have been singled out? The reality is with TIVO and other recordings, I very rarely watch more than the Super Bowl commercials.

Have lawyers done such a poor job of explaining themselves? Sure there are bad eggs out there, but is there any segment of society that doesn’t have their percentage of problems? But, is there really any area of social advancement that you can’t find a lawyer involved playing their part?

We often play a role in our communities far beyond representing people. Asked to be leaders in all sorts of areas. Far beyond what I would expect from the scum of the earth.

We represent people who wouldn’t have a voice or the money to take the fight to the powerful interests. Those interests don’t like it and they do everything they can to hurt our clients, sometimes by going after us. Do we get paid for what we do? Not always, but clearly we hope so.


  1. Gravatar for Mike Rothrock

    Most people do not like lawyers until they need one and do not understand what service and role we play in society. The stereotypes and perceptions people have of us make us an easy scapegoat for just about everything; and most of this is perpetuated by big business and the U.S. Chamber. It has always amazed me how trial lawyers can do so well persuading 12 people in a box but utterly fail as a profession to persuade people that they are not "human garbage." The best way to change it is for more trial lawyers to start interacting with people through pro bono service and other charitable projects and acting like a person instead of a lawyer. Maybe then we'll stop seeing some of the negative comments and stop hearing all the lawyer jokes. After all, people should not tell lawyer jokes. Lawyers don't find them funny and other people don't think they're jokes.

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