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The US Census is underway at this time. One of the results of the numbers is the distribution of congressional seats for each state. There is again discussion that Minnesota could lose a one of it’s eight U S House seats as the population continues to shift. Many people suggest that it will be the Sixth district that would be the seat which is eliminated.

You would think that the Congressperson from the district would be championing the census efforts. One of the most underrepresented populist is college students. So maybe head over to the colleges in your district and remind the students to fill the forms out.

Not Michele Bachmann, she is continuing her fight with ACORN. She declared that her family is only going to answer one question: the number of people in her household. I would think that this is the message that she is spreading to others. It makes you wonder what it is that she doesn’t want to disclose. Wouldn’t you think that most if not all of the information is already out for a sitting congressperson? Odd thinking indeed.


  1. Gravatar for Paul


    Oh yeah, saying the govt doesn't need to know how long my morning commute is way off base right????

    I'm glad your only a lawyer.....and NOT my Representative!!!

    Paul MD

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    I appreciate you taking the time to read and post a comment. I think you miss my point. While I agree that there are some odd questions, the key is that Minnesota need not lose a seat because people aren't filling out the forms. I see her a presenting a message to disregard the census. Also as a Congressperson, seems like if you had an issue with the questions you might want to , maybe work to change them. This is bad for Minnesota.

    Actually, there are many days I'm glad I'm only a lawyer.

  3. Gravatar for Jason

    Representative Bachmann speaks truth to power! I'm not giving my personal information to ACORN agents who will have all our information in their files before they turn it over to the census bureau. They better skip my house!

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