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I really hope so, because I saw one not that long ago that I really liked:

@MicheleBachmann: Be sure to follow the @RepublicanStudy as they continue to fight for the renewal of #constitutional principles in America #ff #tcot #gop

I liked it because the U S Constitution includes the 7th and the 10th amendments. Two amendments that protect clients from federal tort reform and the right to a jury trial.

Will this kind of thing keep her away from the crazy Rick Perry talk of tort reform and taking away the basic rights of the U S Constitution?

It reminded me of another story I recently saw about a town in Mussure where Tea Party politicians are being asked "What about law enforcement?" The local city council heard a chilling 911 call.

The sound clip was a woman calling 911, reporting that she thought someone was in her apartment. The dispatcher asked if she could tell where the intruder was.

The woman answered no, then began screaming. It lasted several seconds.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott played the clip, followed by a countdown clock, as part of a presentation on a possible, future law enforcement sales tax.

The clock started at 12 minutes and 22 seconds — the average response time for a Greene County deputy.

Arnott stayed silent as the clock went on for two minutes. Then he asked:

"What if that was your mom? What if that was your daughter? What if that was your wife?"

Sure, the Tea Party was about taxes, but it was the lack of representation as a part of that taxation. Here is a local legal unit being asked the important question and seeing how long 12 minuets and 22 seconds can be.

I hope they all understand the inconsistency in what they are saying and the real impact of their actions. Actually , I would rather they started following through on protecting consumer’s rights and making sure the Constitution is upheld.

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