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At a time when the courts system is struggling to deal with their budgets, they are seeing the economy play out on the other side of the bench, as more people are coming into the courthouse without attorneys. Its caused by a number of other areas being affected by the economy:

  • The public defender system is being forced to reduce the type of cases they take, primarily due to the reduction in their available attorneys.
  • Individuals are being turned down by legal aid groups because the number of requests far exceed the resources.
  • There are more mortgage, credit, and financial lawsuits because people can’t pay the outrageous interest rates that the credit system has OKed until now. These people simply don’t have the money to even go bankrupt, if they qualify for it.

Occasionally, with a court appearance, I will get to watch a person represent themselves. You’ll see they are doing the best they can. The judges also seem to do their best to make sure that they are fully informed. But, it is a lot like if you put me in the drivers seat of a semi tractor trailer or left field in Fenway Park. I will do my best , but it’s really not what I do.

There is no quick solution to these economic issues. But, it’s important that the system protect those who are the poor and the weak. We cannot allow big business to use these times to change the system or to impose the twisted justice of greed. The right to trial and the protection of our constitutional rights is what makes us what we are as a country.

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