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The St Paul police spent the day raiding houses and arresting people who they claim are planning to break the law in protests. The Minneapolis/St Paul airport is welcoming various conservative dignitaries. Even the strip clubs are getting ready for an increase clientele. Yes this week Minnesota will be hosting the Grand Old Party and it’s national convention.

What should we as trial lawyers be expecting from this week? Maybe nothing. Obama didn’t go into anything directly other than a call for total Heath insurance and patients rights. Changes that would be very good for our clients.

After 8 years of ongoing attacks and State of the Unions that rank us higher on the enemy list than terrorists, it’s possible that anyone else could be better. McCain didn’t do in Arizona what Bush had done first in Texas with tort reform. The thing is, it’s pretty clear Karl Rove was the creator of the anti trial lawyer plan. We are his go to boogymen. All indications are that he’s as close to the McCain campaign as any other.

So like the drivers of Highway 94 who has to pass through St Paul, lets hunker down and wait for the attacks. But, just like what was learned in the Swift boating lesson, we need to be ready to vote, raise money and answer it. Talk to our clients and help tell their stories. Because if we don’t, 4 more years of FDA pharmaceutical blessings, Federal court appointments and budget cuts, could take that right further away from these same clients.

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