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We have less than a month until the election. The next couple of weeks could be a back and forth battle or a quick finish for the incumbents. Depending on which race you are looking at, there can be a lot of possibilities over the next couple of weeks.

I found a couple of articles of particular interest as we move ahead.

The New York Times took a look at absentee ballots and fraud. The story is of importance because the voter ID issue is going on here in Minnesota. There is even a sign up here that says that Minnesota leads the country in fraud. There is no support for that sign and, if it was true, means there is very little fraud in the country.

Looking at the story from the Times, it's interesting that they use mistakes and invalid ballots and some suggest this rises to the level of fraud. Are you kidding me? That isn't fraud. This looks like a national movement to call things fraud to pass an agenda. The suppression of the vote has happened where these laws have passed. Guess who is helped by that?

There was also a story about how much money Congressional House members have made personally over the time of the recession. Now I have never worried about what people make, however it's interesting how many of these tort reformers I have heard talk about what lawyers make. How many of them seem to have a personal benefit from shielding big companies from responsibility?

The stories are potentially slanted towards one side or the other, but they provide a basis for us to look at the broader issues. Hopefully, all consumers are paying attention.

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