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There have been a number of posts about the possibility of a change in the way costs are treated for personal injury lawyers.

Is a Big Tax Break for Plaintiffs’ Lawyers on the Way? from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Treasury May Give Trial Lawyers a Sweet Tax Break, by Daniel Fisher from Forbes

Rich White Men* Hate A Level Playing Field, Michael Myers | August 02, 2010 4:20 PM

Usually, when I talk to any business person about the way costs are dealt with, they readily agree that the present system isn’t fair. I’ve read a good argument that maybe tax relief for anyone at this time isn’t the way to go with our present economy. I respect the honesty of that opinion.

What is amazing is the hypocrisy of the group of Republican Congressmen and Senators who came forward to oppose the change. Let’s see what they usually say about taxes:

Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa) discusses his usual position on taxes.

Senator John Thune (South Dakota) on the Senate floor argues for the need for tax rebates

Congressman Dave Camp (Michigan) is so concerned about any taxes

There were more and I’m sure they are all on the record arguing for:

-Tax cuts for most anyone else

– Pointing out that it’s unfair to use the tax code to target individuals or groups

– They also have voted over and over for tax cuts for higher income constituents

They don’t like it because they don’t like their corporate contributors having to be on fair footing with the consumers. We can’t make it any easier to bring justice to those who are harmed by faulty products and through no fault of their own. It looks like simple class warfare greed to me.

The hypocrisy is so think it almost should make them choke.

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