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Tuesday, many Americans will be making the decision on who to vote for. There are many ways to make that decision. For me and those I represent, I hope that Pro Consumer candidates are voted for and win. The last eight years has seen an outright attack on the consumer.

Presently, the Bush administration is using administrative law to take away vital state rights concerning consumer safety laws. Actions which preempt time tested protections that each citizen has. This week, the United States Supreme court is hearing arguments concerning Preemption and how it affects Pharmaceutical companies and FDA approval defenses.

Each year, there are bills to limit women’s rights to protect themselves when they are a victim of medical malpractice, to limit shareholders claims, and to take away the constitutional right to a jury. Who chooses the judges, who appoints the cabinet members, who is voting on bills in Washington and here in St Paul, is vital to civil rights each person has and may need to use to protect themselves and their families.

I’m Voting for Barack Obama and Al Franken because they will be better at protecting these rights. In Minnesota, we have sitting Congress women and men (Oberstar, Waltz, McCollum and Ellison) who have also stood on the side of the consumer and the chance with Elwyn Tinklenberg, Steve Sarvi, Ashwin Madia to add more voices to those that find themselves in need of help. This is a vital election to reclaim rights that have been stripped away in Washington and here in Minnesota.

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