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At a recent press conference, at the Franciscan Hospital in Boston, for Children W.A.T.C.H., Inc., presented the annual nominees for its "10 Worst Toys". For over three decades, W.A.T.C.H. has identified toys defectively designed or manufactured that could lead to serious injuries or death. The list was put together with the hope to help the effort in stopping these toys from injuring children and to cut into the profit being made by these dangerous items.

The list is:

10) The Sportsman Shotgun- Made by Parris Manufacturing Company. The danger is that it looks realistic and it shoots real rubber balls that make it more of a weapon than a toy.

9) Go Go Minis Pullback Vehicles- Made by Kid Galaxy, Inc. The rear tires come off and are a serious choking hazard.

8) Inflatable Giga Ball- Made by Kenscott, Ltd. This big inflatable ball encourages kids to climb in it and at one point says that parental supervision is required.

7) Animal Alley Purse Pets- Made by Geoffrey Inc/Toys R Us. This product is made for infants and has fiber-like hair that can easily be removed creating potential for swallowing and choking.

6) Spider-Man Adjustable Toy Skates- Made By Street Flyers,LLC. The instructions call for helmets, wrist guards, knee guards and elbow guards. The only safety gear sold with it , is knee and elbow pads.

5) Pucci Puppies- My Own Puppy House Golden Retriever- Made by Battet, Inc. This product aimed at two year olds, comes with multiple little accessories. A ll very easy to swallow.

4) Walk’n Sounds Digger the Dog- Made by Hasbro/Playskool. The industry voluntary standard is no crib toys with strings beyond 12" in length. This product has a 26 inch cord.

3) Meadow Mystery Play-A-Sound Book With A Cuddle Pooh- Made by Disney Enterprises, Inc. The clothes are all choking threats to small children.

2) Extreme Spiral Copters- Made by Toysmith. Without safety glasses, this product serves as a highly dangerous possibility for eye injury.

1) Ninja Battle gear-Michelangelo- Made by Playmates Toys, Inc. There are no safety suggestions or safety gear, but "Kick-butt signature" Nunchucks are provided along with other weapons.

In providing the report, the American Association for Justice added their own analysis pointing out that a large majority of products—85 percent— recalled so far this year by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) were produced in foreign countries and 57 percent were manufactured in China. Of the 354 products recalled by the CPSC, 302 were produced in foreign countries and 201 were produced in China according to CPSC’s posted recall notices.

Recalled products Jan 1, 2008-Nov. 13, 2008

Total Recalled products –354

From the United States—52 or 15%

From China – 201 or 57%

From foreign countries –302 or 85%

Previous blogs have pointed out the problems that foreign manufacturers get around by not facing the prospect of being held accountable through the U.S. civil justice system, a foreign producer has little incentive to maximize product quality and safety.

If your child is injured by a toy, they need to get immediate medical care. If there are long term problems, you should contact an attorney concerning the problem. Early investigation can include the collection of the toy, checking for recall alerts, and the proper notifying of those who caused the problem.

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