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Recently an email traveled the internet from the U.S. Chamber touting the latest topic on their website Lawsuit Abuse. org. A claim that lawsuits were ruining our children’s futures. Basically that exercise helps people learn, that obesity comes from lack of exercise and lawsuits have changed playgrounds. Which then somehow supported their headlines of Lawsuits Threaten Your Child’s Education. They cite no cases or even where this has happened.

Instead the attack is that playgrounds are now designed in a way that is uninteresting. Again not a single example is given. Also that kids are being told not to run or chase. With a vague reference to lawsuits being the cause. Without a single example or story of where these children are being restrained.

Having looked at a number of children injury cases, I can think of specific examples of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), paraplegia, lose of limbs and serious disfigurement. All cases where playground equipment was horribly ignored or designed in a way that injured hundreds of young people. The Department of Health and Human Services found that in 1995 playground injuries cost the United States 1.2 billion dollars. That 147 children died on playground between 1990 and 2000.

The message of the Chamber group seems to be no lawsuits what so ever. I will guess that is more a product of who makes up their members. Alternatively, I know of thousands of small business owners that evaluate cases all the time and work on those with merit. Who answer the questions of individuals without cases. Who represent those that are injured and help their families. I will stand with and up for , these real examples of Businesspersons, parents and injured parties all the time.

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