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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

First, a deposition is the easiest test you will ever take. It is easy because it is about your own life. No one knows the material better than you do. It is a test because it is about your case and it is about explaining what your losses are. Therefore, you need to take it seriously and you need to think about each of your answers.

The fastest way to get a deposition done is to answer the questions. Too often, people worry about what the answer means, where the answer will lead things, or whether the answer will hurt them. I can guarantee you that the lawyer is going to ask the next question if they have it planned out already. What often happens is that people do not answer the question and they actually create more questions because of what they bring up. In order to prevent this, just listen to the question, make sure you understand the question, and then answer it.

Always keep in mind that this is serious and the defense will have done their homework, gone through all your medical records, and know a lot of the basics of your case. They are determining through this deposition what kind of witness you will make for the jury and how well you explain your losses. Consequently, taking it serious and thinking about each answer will make a difference.

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