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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The Child Victims Act has given survivors the chance to get justice.  To come out into the light and recover for their losses.   As the cases have come forward and discovery has uncovered information, the comparison to what has happened to the offending priests is so very troubling.     These men belong in prison.

Instead ,  the evidence continues to mount that they have almost been rewarded.   Rev. Gil Gustafson has been disclosed as a credibly accused priest.  He was one of the few who were actually charged as he was  sentenced to six months in jail and a $40 fine. He was incarcerated for about 41/2 months.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, after jail he went back to the church and has benefited as:

The church continued his priestly salary and health insurance, covered his living expenses and psychological treatment, and paid for his education and training, according to church records and a former archdiocese accountant. It has given him jobs in the chancery, helped him establish his own consulting business, and steered clients his way.

He lives in a bungalow in West St. Paul.   The story goes on to tell the story of what happened to one of the children that he abused:

The years of abuse “mentally and physically destroyed him,” Herrity said. Classmates at Hill-Murray School mocked him after he went public with his abuse, his father said. He began a descent down a “path of destruction” that included drug abuse and promiscuity and ended in his death of complications from AIDS at age 28, in 1995.

The comparison is startling.  Hopefully,  for those who are still out there and suffering,  the news will get out that they have until May 2016 to make sure they can find justice.

The names are now disclosed, however there are more lists that exist in Minnesota and there are many more names and information to find.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.



  1. Gravatar for Bob Schwiderski
    Bob Schwiderski

    Thanks Mike !!!

  2. Gravatar for tina

    A young man here in Hawaii who was raped by catholic bishop ferrario and several other priests in Honolulu as a boy died of hiv aids also.. the bishop died and was honored by the catholic community and his photo remains on the wall at the chancery.. it is diabolical.. laws need to be changed and perhaps new ones put into place that can deal with these issues?

  3. Gravatar for ALLAN

    What a difference between a "pedophile priest," and one who marries a WOMAN!!! The married one doesn't even get a "thank-you!". . .and sometimes is referred to as "a Judas!!"

  4. Gravatar for Michael Skiendzielewski
    Michael Skiendzielewski

    This is indeed a very sad story for the victim; for the perpetrator and his institution, he shows the extent to which evil will go to protect evil.

    Our RCC leaders have passed shame, dignity and honor many, many years ago. What's left for them?............wallowing in their hubris.

  5. Mike Bryant

    Tina you should contact a lawyer in Hi and discuss what options if any there are.

  6. Mike Bryant

    Thanks Mike and Bob for stopping by to read and comment

  7. Mike Bryant

    Allan I have no idea what you are talking about.

  8. Gravatar for Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh
    Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh

    I want to thank you for sharing this information. It is critically important for people to know about what the Catholic Church is doing in protecting predator clergy and ignoring victims. As a Catholic and as a physician who has met many who have been sexually abused/raped by priests I believe the federal govt needs to investigate the Catholic Church, open the archives in the Vatican, and remove state status and diplomatic immunity from it. Thank you for what you are doing for the victim/survivors and their families to get some justice.

  9. Mike Bryant

    Thank you for reading Dr. It is so true that the protection of pedophiles is insane. It is so important that the light keep pushing through.

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