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It really is amazing what goes on with insurance coverages out there in the real world. Clearly, less regulation equals more policies that collect premiums and never plan to pay. The level of Deny, Delay, Defend is taken to smarmy world of policies with clauses that truly are written to screw the policy holder.

Over time, lawyers have done a good job of bringing these policies out into the light. At times, certain governmental entities have cared enough to push for regulation that at least provided for the coverage the policyholder was told they would get. Unfortunately, there are those who are deep in the pocket of these insurance interests, which are abetting this passing of the buck onto the government programs.

Recently, I was present when a fellow trial lawyer pointed out what is going on with disability policies. They are inserting clauses that are requiring people to apply for social security disability. If the person receives the benefit, the company will then play less or nothing at all. It’s like buying a plane ticket and being told you have to take the train half way or the whole way.

The additional twist is the disability policies are also pushing national law firms on the policyholder. They get a lawyer who they may never meet and actually may really just be an office administrator of some sort, who is paid out of the social security recovery. I wonder if any of the disability companies own the law firms?

So you have injured people who can’t work who have been paying into this protection for years. When the time comes to use the safety net, it’s found to have holes. Seems to me if you are in this situation, you should consult a Social Security attorney who you actually can talk to locally. Make sure the policy is right and that you get all of the protections and benefits that are afforded to you.

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