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Make sure your New Year’s celebration is fun…AND SAFE. Over the years…Bradshaw and Bryant has helped THOUSANDS of Central Minnesotans arrive home safely. Again this year, we’re helping to start your New Year safely…with a Responsible Ride Home.

From 5pm, Saturday January 1st through 5am Sunday, January 9 th, if you or a friend have too much to drink AT A BAR and need to get home safely…just call Yellow Cab and ask for a Bradshaw and Bryant responsible ride home. If you’re within our eight-mile radius, Bradshaw & Bryant will cover your cab fare, up to 10 dollars to get you home FROM THE BAR safely.

At Bradshaw & Bryant, our goal is seeking justice for the injured…but we’d much rather you never get injured in the first place.

So remember, starting at 5pm January 1st through 5am, January 9th , if you or someone you know needs a safe ride home from the bar, call Yellow Cab and ask for a Bradshaw and Bryant responsible ride home.

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