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I have seen a little bit about these lawsuits. I looked at it as basically people aren't getting what they paid for. If you buy a foot long sub, it should be a foot long. Just like if you bought a gallon of gas, a dozen eggs , or a 56 inch TV. They charged you an amount and you paid it. What would they do if you said, "OK, it's $5.00, how about I give you $4.00?"

Now there have been people who question the claim and attack it as a class action where people really won't be helped or that you should just get over it.

I found an interesting video on Youtube discussing the case:

The lawyer involved has an interesting story at around the 9:30 mark that talks about emails he gets from people saying how crazy the case is. I wonder what they expect when they buy something? I can understand the argument that the market should just deal with it, but am bothered by the fraudulent advertising.

I also wonder why the bread isn't the correct size. Isn't it made in a mold? I will grant that there can be shrinkage, but sounds like people are finding consistent measurements of 11 inches and that the case isn't based on one bad batch. I also will be interested in the explanation from Subway on why they aren't providing a full product or at least somehow notifying the consumer that they aren't getting what they are paying for.

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