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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

News Release 

June 1, 2017 

Crosier Fathers & Brothers File for

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

Sexual abuse survivors, Crosiers have framework for $25.5 million agreement


(Minneapolis, MN) – Today, the Crosier Fathers & Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota. The Crosier order is a Roman Catholic religious order of priests and brothers with communities in Phoenix, Arizona and Onamia, Minnesota. The Crosier order is the 18th Catholic Diocese or Religious order to file for bankruptcy protection in the United States.


Sexual abuse survivors and the Crosiers have worked together to reach a framework for a $25.5 million dollar agreement to fairly compensate survivors of child sexual abuse by members and an employee of the Crosier order. Currently, there are 43 child sexual abuse cases pending in Minnesota courts.


“We applaud the strength and courage of all of the sexual abuse survivors who have come forward and shared their truths,” said Attorney Mike Finnegan. “The Crosiers are doing the right thing by working with survivors in order to facilitate a transparent and fair resolution for everyone involved.”


The Crosiers have agreed to a process as part of the settlement framework by which they will release the files of Crosiers credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors. In March 2014, the Crosiers voluntarily released an updated list of 19 priests and brothers with credible child sexual abuse allegations.  The first list containing a total of eight names was previously disclosed in 2002. These priests and brothers worked in various locations throughout the country, including Minnesota, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan and New York.


Contact:  Jeff Anderson: Mobile/612.817.8665

Mike Finnegan: Mobile/612.205.5531


One Comment

  1. Gravatar for Fintan L. Dooley
    Fintan L. Dooley

    I graduated from Crosier High School in 1963.

    I am 72.

    My gratitude for my Crosier education is real. The Crosiers taught me Roman and European history , Latin and German,

    In the early 1960 there were frequent displays of intimacies by gay students. Crosier priests and brothers whom I encountered were, with two exceptions, honest celebates , careful not to touch me or expose themselves to me.

    We laughed at the Jr. Sr High prefect priest who paraded his naked hairyness before us.

    Over the decades, I visited the Crosiers whom I revered. During those visits , two members of the order complained to me that the order's leaders would not stop homosexual members of the order from soliciting students for sexual favors.

    As the magnitude of the student and clerical gay sex problem became clear, I adopted a practice of confronting each new provincial. For instance , on the occasion of the closing of the High School Seminary, while St. Cloud Bishop Kenney was on campus , I suggested to the Provincial that he abandon use of lawyers, psychiatrists ,psycologists and counselors. I urged him to publish an apology from the order and an invitation to all alumni to return , receive and offer forgiveness.

    As the decades have passed the truth has been forced out of the men who have doubted Our Lord's promise that the truth sets us free.

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