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Here at the Legal Examiner, there have been a number of articles written about how George Will likes to play with “facts” to support tort reform. Some of my favorites:

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I have also added a couple:

This Week With George Will And His Ongoing Illogical Lawyers AttackMike Bryant | May 04, 2009 9:51 AM

George Will Needs To Take Responsibility For Poor ResearchMike Bryant | January 11, 2009 4:43 PM

It is always interesting when Mr. Will decides to bear his teeth at trial lawyers. Where I recently saw it again was in his piece: Texas court limits lawyers in pet-related suits.

Looking at the piece, it reviews a Texas case where the court found that pets had no value beyond their purchase price. The court, as it does here in Minnesota, found that there was no extra claim for the loss of a dear family pet. We get in the discussion from time to time when a heartbroken person calls with the story of how their pet was killed. That because they are animals, there is no loss claim for the pain and suffering that comes with the death.

It is sad, but I understand it and have pointed out the battle it has been to get courts to recognize the loss of children and other loved ones.

However, Will has to turn it into a lawyer issue. He crows:

By this judicial statesmanship, the trial bar was muzzled, for now, and denied a fresh arena for mischief. So Texas’s Supreme Court is, for now, man’s best friend.

Apparently, it is really a way to spite the trial bar. Under his theory, we should eliminate all of the claims out there so that the trial bar can really be stopped. It is a column filled with spite and venom. I personally feel bad for the people and their loss, but to understand that you would have to look beyond your shilling.


  1. Gravatar for jc

    The Texas Supreme Court and Texas Legislature has been superb in standing up to the plaintiff attorney's lobby. This has led to the best economic and medical environment in the country. It is my hope that other states follow The Texas example.

  2. Dr cox, your comment has nothing to do with the post. It also is as wrong as could be. The care for people in Texas is a big problem and they have no rights. Oil has a lot more to do with the economy there. Cheers.

    PS Tell the family the truth yet?

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