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Pipes are a vital part of our communities. They hold everything together. Since for the most part they are unseen, there very rarely is much thought given to the vital role they play in our lives and how truly dangerous they can become. Usually, the only event that gets people thinking about their existence is after a tragedy.

An explosion will level a section of a town and people will start asking:

– Why were structures built over certain lines?

– Did anyone think about the need to allow fire equipment to move in when an explosion happens?

– Who was regulating the building and the protection of those of us above the lines?

Those answers can often suggest that many of the regulators are actually very closely tied to the industry. That no one seemed to care much about safety. That most of all, very little was done to pressure the industry to make safety a priority.

Regular testing can detect problems that are developing and give the opportunity to shut down a problem area before it becomes an explosion. It only makes sense if it's done regularly.

Take a second to look outside and think about what you can't see. It is important that everything be done to make sure it stays that way.

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