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– A 22-year-old was sentenced to 5 and half years for drunk driving and causing a collision that killed one and left another with a traumatic brain injury. As the Northland Newcenter reported:

The terms of the probation include completion of alcohol assessments, completing a DUI program, attend therapy sessions, submit to random testing, attend AA, not enter bars or liquor stores, and no driver's license violations among other conditions.

The young man was driving at the time of the collision when his car rolled. He was found to have a blood alcohol level of .10.

The Duluth Tribune reported the sentencing hearing and noted that family members who spoke weren't vengeful, but they couldn't understand why it happened:

She ( one of the injured parties mothers ) also said all four families have remained friends. “I’m not angry with Jeremy, and I have forgiven him,” she said. “I feel that a period of incarceration is a just and merciful punishment for him. … I believe a long probation period would be beneficial for Jeremy.”

The reality is that all of the people involved had their lives changed forever by a senseless act of speeding and drinking and driving. No one intended for it to happen, but very bad choices were made.

– A 19-year-old was killed when he was run over as he attempted to exit his car when a tire blew out. Apparently, the reasons are still being investigated, but there are big questions as to how it happened. The young man was noted for having accepted the civil war in his homeland of the Congo.

MPR covered his life with their report :

To escape the war he and his five brothers and sisters walked 500 miles to a refugee camp in Tanzania. At age 14, Prosper was the youngest to survive the trek. Two of his younger siblings died along the way from malnutrition and disease. Another died at the camp. He and his two older brothers lived in the camp for three years.

He had started a new life in Minnesota and for some reason was killed in this very tragic turn of events.

– Finally, the Amy Sensor case has changed with the additional charge that she was on her cell phone at the time of the Aug. 23 death of Anousone Phanthavong, This is in addition to the claims of Hit and Run and not contacting police following the incident.

There is confirmation from her that she was driving and it was her vehicle that hit Mr Phanthavong. The defense is that she didn't know that she hit someone.

Each of these three deaths were preventable. In none of the cases did the person who was driving go out with the intent to have harm come to themselves or someone else, but we can all learn from each of these tragedies.

It is always vital that you drive the car first and not let other things distract you. Don't drive impaired and stay behind the wheel, in control thoughout the ride. We each need to be safe.

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