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I came across a very interesting story from CBS Channel 4 out of Minnesota. The story is about a collision where investigation showed that a major contributing factor to the driver's death was a problem with the windshield of the car:

First responders noted that Jeanne wasn't wearing a seat belt, but it was Jon who investigated the fact that the adhesive meant to hold Jeanne’s windshield had failed. Butch Lysholm, a consultant with Occupational Automotive Industry Related Education, agrees. “You can see that there is really no glue around that part of the windshield,” said Lysholm.

Basically, they found that the windshield just released at the impact. That when this happens, the car is less safe because:

– The windshield provides for one third of the structural integrity of the roof.

– The airbag on the passenger side uses the windshield as a backboard.

For any collision where the windshield has released, it's important that an investigation be done right away to see if the windshield was properly secured. This is not something that the police will often look at.

It is also very important that if you have your windshield replaced that you make sure it was done by a place that meets Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). The safety of you and your passenger will depend on it.


  1. Gravatar for Rick

    Many people don't realize how important a windshield installation is. It is a safety device just like your airbags and seat belts. The leading cause of death in a rollover is passenger ejection which usually occurs when the windshield separates from the vehicle. When a rollover occurs, the windshield is supposed to stay attached.

  2. Mike Bryant

    Very important comment thanks for stopping by and reading.

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