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I’ve written a number of times about children being hit by cars. Yesterday there was the story about the 4 year old from Duluth that was hit and killed. Injurybaord member, Steve Lombardi has covered the pedestrian’s being hit topic a number of different ways. Many of those cases also end in tragedy.

It was heartening to read about the recovery of a St Cloud 7 year old. He still has some very sever injuries and a long ways to go, but it truly is great to see this kind of improvement. According to the St Cloud Times:

Therapy and school fill his days. He works with physical and speech therapists.

Knowing that with more progress he’ll be able to go home, Ian constantly wants to walk and push the recovery faster. He moves in slow motion, walking the halls carefully, taking in scenery as he moves about the hospital.

When asked a question, his face shows his mind working through the information and it takes a minute for him to answer. He’s found that a simple thumbs up is a faster and easier way to affirm a statement than a verbal “yes.”

Children are amazing at the way they can heal. Hopefully, the family will continue to gain strength with these advances.

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