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Round Up: Safety Issues, Recalls, And Quiet Zones

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- Ford is back with another big auto recall this times it’s 575,000 1998 to 2003 Windstar minivans in order to reinforce the vehicle’s rear axle. Apparently they can corrode and fall off. Sounds like a bad product for driving in weather.

- A South Dakota woman is promoting the use of safety stickers to remind people to not text/tall on the cellphone when they should be driving.

- Lori Sturdevant at the Minneapolis Tribune looked at the issue of why Minnesota has a state OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) program.

- Detroit Lakes is apparently happy about the institution of a quiet zone for trains going through town. It will be important to see if this is a good thing.

- Perlmutter & Schuelk take a look at states that are working to reduce trucking collisions.

- The Foodconsumer takes a look at fast foods and the affect on cholesterol levels. This one is interesting simply for the comments and the question of hope serious it really is.