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Farewell To A Champion Of The Consumer: Ted Kennedy


It was with sadness that America woke to the news this morning of the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. He had been sick from a long time, so many were getting used to his lost voice in Washington. But, even when you know it’s coming , it’s a shock to actually see the words announced.

He will be remembered in many ways. Many of the people we serve should remember him as a champion for the consumer. For being at the lead of many of the efforts to expand civil justice protections and at the same time standing up again attempts to close the courthouse doors to regular people.

From his 1980 Democratic National Convention Address

A fair prosperity and a just society are within our vision and our grasp, and we do not have every answer. There are questions not yet asked, waiting for us in the recesses of the future. But of this much we can be certain because it is the lesson of all of our history: Together a President and the people can make a difference. I have found that faith still alive wherever I have traveled across this land. So let us reject the counsel of retreat and the call to reaction. Let us go forward in the knowledge that history only helps those who help themselves.

There will be setbacks and sacrifices in the years ahead; but I am convinced that we as a people are ready to give something back to our country in return for all it has given to us.

Let this — Let this be our commitment: Whatever sacrifices must be made will be shared and shared fairly. And let this be our confidence: At the end of our journey and always before us shines that ideal of liberty and justice for all.

His leadership will be truly missed.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    I too, was saddened today with hearing of the passing of Senator Kennedy. The piece of that speech above shows that he truly was a champion for all the people of our nation. The people of the great State of Massachusetts and all others across the United States of America have lost a great man today. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and all of his constitutes.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    All very true. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.