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Loss Of The Political Contribution Refund Is Unequal Reverse Taxation


Part of Governor Pawlenty’s unallotmant plan, was the removal of the political contribution refund program. Each individual received a $50.00 refund and a married joint filing couple $100.00 refund each year. You would get a certification of your contribution, fill out the paperwork and about 6 weeks later get your check back.

It was a big enough complication that everyone didn’t do it, but for cash poor candidates and for the Independent party it was their life blood. It was an easy way to get people who normally wouldn’t give to help with the effort. My guess is that it will disproportionately knock the poor and low income people out of contributing.

It’s been interesting to see all of the candidates trying to capitalize on the remaining time to still get contributions. Even Pawlenty’s own party was sending out the "hurry before June Th" letters. I don’t blame them for raising money how they can, but it does seem a little contrary to their overall stated beliefs.

It was a program that helped ordinary people give to the candidates they supported. Too bad it is being cut. But, the big contributors won’t care, that may be why it got chosen.

Time is running out, so get your contributions in, if you want to get the refund.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    To me, it seems like Mr.Pawlenty IS worried about the Republicans losing the Governorship next year with the possible emergence of “certain Independent party candidates”. But at the same time, something had to be cut; and this will add up in a years time. Hopefully it is just a couple years and then the contribution refund will be reinstated. We will see.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    I doubt it will ever be back, but for those that are now disenfranchised I hope so. Interesting that Pawlenty raised a lot of money off the program himself. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.