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Couple Of Semi Collisions Remind Us Of Need To Watch For Big Trucks

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The 2009 numbers were very good this past year concerning semi truck collisions. Makes you wonder why the truck lobbyist were so into preventing coverage responsibility this past session. Unfortunately, this week has given us a couple of reminders that all drivers need to watch out for trucks just as trucks need to watch out for other cars.

- Friday afternoon, a tractor and a semi truck collided at the intersection of Highway 28 and Stevens County Road 7. The State patrol is still investigating the cause.

- Friday morning, a car rear ended a semi truck in a Austin construction zone. The driver of the car was taken to the hospital.

Sounds like the damage could have been a lot worse. But, as always a reminder that we need to always be on the look out. Also as construction season comes to an end we need to make sure that we slow down and stay alert.