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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

I love when I get an email from the U S Chamber that talks about a "trial lawyer’s dream". Maybe it’s a new type of case or something I hadn’t thought about. But, like usual it’s a bunch of garbage.

This time it’s the "Paycheck Fairness Act."

Sure, that’s going to result in the trial lawyer’s dream. If you are a trial lawyer who likes to dream about odd stuff that isn’t going to really mean cases and you found some international specialty in worthless claims.

Looking at the legislation it does provide for some equality in pay scales, but are more employment law cases really on the horizon? Probably not. Looking at what real employment law cases are:

– Sexual Harassment in the workplace

– Racial or Gender discrimination

– hostile workplaces.

Basically, when employers treat certain employees as sexual toys or dirt. Real abuse that no one would think is proper. I would bet there are a bunch of executives over there bankrolling these frivolous emails who know exactly what I’m talking about.

Come on U S Chamber at least come up with some real dreams. Or at least start stating the founding father’s dreams. Maybe the 7th amendment.


  1. Wayne Parsons

    Thanks Mike. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has no connection with local chambers like the one I belong to in Honolulu. Your story helps to educate the public about the unwarranted attacks by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on access to justice for all Americans.

  2. Mike Bryant

    Very true, I often speak to local Chamber members that have no idea what the U S Chamber is doing. Thanks for the comment.

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