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What do you think that members of the US Chamber spend each year on TV? I would guess it’s billions and billions looking at the annual TV advertising numbers. Well apparently, like the courthouses , they want the airways to only be for them.

Proof is the recent study they are touting, which shows that ads are up for medical malpractice in the country. So what? The claim is that it’s creating more claims? If you define "creating" by informing people of their rights , then maybe. But, their implication is that these claims are simply made up or sprung from the lawyer’s mind.

With the number of deaths that have been reported in American hospitals and the amount of people who come out sicker than they went in, it seems that more people need to know they have a claim. This is just a ridiculous example of how they love to bash lawyers.

But, lets get serious about their claim for a moment. How about a ban on all advertising? Or maybe a limit on the number of ads that anyone can run about anything? I bet their members might get a little concerned about that. I bet they would even say something about the First Amendment.

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