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The Minnesota Ankle & Foot Blog is the official blog of Dr. Lance Silverman.  I talk about it from time to time because I have found it so interesting.  Here are some recent posts I thought were worth reviewing:
Response To Vibram FiveFingers Lawsuit Misses Point :  This one is interesting because it looks at what the
“people” is and what it isn’t.  The Doctor does a good job of taking a Deadspin article to task in the discussion.
9 Ways to Reform Medical Liability in the United States : I totally disagree with any plan that includes caps ( especially when the point is to take responsibility),  however I see a lot of things here that are worth discussing.   I would be interested in the doctor’s local thoughts considering that Minnesota has low premiums, a low number of claims ,  and excellent care.
6 Tips To Speed Up Your Recovery After An Operation :This is an older post  that I believe I pointed out previously,  which has now been transferred to a slideshow.  It is really worth the time to be reviewed by the person who is being treated and those around them.
This is all stuff that is worth reading and great stuff.

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