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Hopefully, the main company at fault will be dealt with, probably by the system, on both the criminal and the civil fronts. We also should learn from this situation so that it doesn’t happen again.

Companies that are not involved are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the problem. Clearly, something they have to do as the recall list grows and people having no idea what is the truth about how big this thing is. Those that are, seem to be recalling everything that is anywhere close to the problem.

It is important that we also review what was done after the 2007 peanut butter scare. At that time ConAgra remodeled their entire plant, separating the areas for raw peanuts from finished peanut butter and paste, which must remain sterile. These actions were beyond what is required by the Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

Guidelines critics say do little to assure protection of the food supply or ease the ability to trace the source of contamination. What’s more, the FDA has too few inspectors to visit the nation’s 65,520 domestic food production facilities more than once a decade on average, critics say.

These statements about the FDA are startling. But, with the budget cuts and their record on other issues it may not be surprising. But with the number of people involved in this outbreak it is imperative that just like the companies reputations , we do what we have to, to ensure that our food is safe.

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