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Monday afternoon, a young boy was taken to the St Cloud Hospital after his snowmobile was hit by a vehicle being driven by a Princeton teenager. The Sherburn County Sheriff cited the boy for failing to yield to a motor vehicle.

I recently wrote about the rules of snowmobiling with :

DNR Updates Snowmobiling Safety Tips, Mike Bryant, December 28, 2009 9:09 AM

Beyond the DNR there are a couple of other places that riders should visit:

The Weather Channnel snowmobile cite which includes:

Do not modify your machine. Make sure that the throttle, brake, steering and light systems all function properly. Never operate your machine unless the hood and the guards are in place and firmly attached. If your machine is equipped with an emergency switch, check its operation.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation has:

    • Wear a helmet and eye protection at all times and other protective clothing suitable to the environment.

    • Do not let young or inexperienced riders operate snowmobiles without training and supervision.

    • Do not use alcohol or other drugs when you ride.

    • Learn proper riding skills from an instructor or qualified rider and practice such skills before riding.

    • Always maintain a safe distance between riders. Tailgating can lead to collisions and injuries.

    • Ride with others and let someone know where you are riding. Never ride alone.

    • Obey the laws.

    • Stay on trails designated for snowmobiles.

    • Be informed of local weather conditions and dress and equip yourself appropriately.

    • Know the area you are riding in. Be aware of its potential hazards.

    • Always ride at a safe and responsible speed. Know your abilities and don’t exceed those levels.

    • Make sure your equipment is in top working order; check before heading out.

    • Carry a map of the trail or area you intend to travel.

    • Clear snow dust off your snowmobile tail lights at frequent intervals.

    • Use common sense.

The winter can be a lot of fun in Minnesota. It’s important that all snowmobiles follow the rules and that the cars on the road just like motorcycles "START SEEING THEM"

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