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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

Mean adjusters drive people into our office. Many people try to get help on their own from the adjuster and often it simply doesn’t work out. It is interesting when you hear the stories of what took place:

– The adjuster called over and over.

– The adjuster accused them of treating too much or not getting back to work soon enough.

– The adjuster gave illegal legal advice.

– The adjuster gave the wrong advice. ( which because I have heard about these adjusters for some time,  I do believe they know the law and are intentionally leaving out information)

– These adjusters are trying to settle the cases of children without judicial approval, which is also outside the law.

– The adjuster finally got the person mad.

Then we get hired and we often get a new adjuster, because it seems that there is a group of adjusters who have been trained to only work with the unrepresented. I wonder if they get a bonus if they settle a case and close a file. It would make sense that the hostility grows after awhile and they don’t get their job done.

When it’s all said and done, they aren’t on your side and they only are trying to save money. So take the time and talk to an experienced lawyer who does this type of work. Make sure you and your family understand all of your rights.

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