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I have seen so many cases where people call and talk about how great it was that the insurance company started paying right away. That's wonderful, but did the company call you up and say what a great job you did in making all of your insurance premium payments? Probably not, because both things are expected.

Experience does suggest that getting help right away and all of your rights being covered may not be the case much of the time. Recently, I saw a situation where a client was sent to an adverse "IME" doctor to be examined. The report wasn't received yet, so there was no notice of being cut off. The person found out from her medical provider that had a letter faxed to them.

So the person who bought the coverage found out after the provider. What kind of service was this for the consumer? Don't you think this was an attempt to create an adverse relationship between the person and their doctor? Your bill isn't getting paid so get out and pay us what has been billed already. This is trouble making pretty clear.

People can go through all of the thoughts such as, "well if a lawyer gets paid maybe I can save that money they want", but when it comes down to it, unless they deal with the system all the time, they are going to come out worse in the end. Don't let you or your family be victimized twice. Get ahold of an experienced attorney who can explain your rights.

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