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There is no relationship between property damage and injury in a car collision. Sure, if the motor comes though the passenger seat, it is going to hurt or kill someone, but the idea that we can look at the damage from a car and tell what their injury is or is going to be is ridiculous.

Insurance companies love to run out and take pictures because they know they can get jurors to bite on the idea. However, why does a previously uninjured person suddenly start going to the doctor after the nonexistent damage other than :

They are really hurt.

They are making it all up.

There really isn't an in between. So when the insurance companies use this defense, they are saying the person is a liar. Now I would agree that some people lie, but give me the insurance company on one side and an average person and I can tell you historically who has been more trustworthy.

A lot of people are in collisions and they aren't hurt. Those are the people who we don't see in the office and never go to the doctor. They are the same as the guy in this story:

Man Miraculously Survives After Truck Flattens Car In Xiangtan, China

See his car was flat and he was fine. There is no real connection.

If you don't believe me, get ten car collision photos together and go into the very best doctor you know. Ask them to diagnose each injury. Or maybe get two cars and run them together softly, but put your hand in between the bumpers.

The Insurance companies do win these cases many times. But their real goal is to get lawyers not to take them. Because if we stop representing people that will make them easy pray for low offers or to be totally ignored.

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