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There has been an insurance charge into the settlement of claims for those who are unrepresented in a way we haven’t seen in our years of practice. It’s probably due to the economic times that these adjusters make such unconscionable offers.

In the last month or so we have discussed in the office:

– Recorded statements where the advice the adjuster gave was not only legal advice (so practicing law without a license) , but so wrong that it had to be intentional. In one situation, the adjuster was explaining the Minnesota tort thresholds and telling the person who was 3 days out of the hospital that they wouldn’t probably meet it, so we could save you a lot of time and give you $500.00 now. They did offer to come to the house and get everything signed the next day.

– The situation where a person was negotiating their property damage and the adjuster sent a full and final release for the whole claim with the check.

– The recorded statement where the adjuster asked 5 times about speed and what the person was looking at, trying to come up with some liability on the injured person. Fishing for the old " I guess I was somewhat at fault" line of thinking.

If you are in a collision, take a second to think about calling a lawyer who does this kind of work all the time. Someone who will speak to you for free and at least make sure you understand what all of your rights are.

As I tell clients all the time, it took me two days to put a garbage disposal in my house. I was proud of it, but it took a plummer 20 minutes to fix the spaghetti junction I had created. It makes a difference when you know what you are doing.

Don’t let you, your family, or your friends get taken advantage of.

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