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Each year, I have been reminded by my good friend Mark Bello that school will be starting soon:

Schools Are About to Open: Drivers Please Be Cautious!, | August 18, 2010 4:50 PM

School's Cool…Distracted Driving is Not!, Lindsay Rakers | August 28, 2012 9:32 AM

Yes, buses will be back on the roads. Dues to budget restraints there have been changes in many routes. Kids are being driven more and walking long distances. They may be facing more transfers from vehicle to buses. All of these changes add up to the need to Bob Stuber, founder of Escape School, a group that aims to keep kids safe was recently on the Early Show with the following tips:

  1. Research Route to School: Parents and kids together need to map out what route to take to school, and any alternate routes.
  2. Encourage Responsibility: Kids should not expect cars to look out for them; they need to take responsibility and protect themselves.
  3. Watch Child Reach Safety: If you drive your child to school, don't take off the moment she steps out of the car.
  4. Advocate for Safety Changes: Parents often don't realize how much power they have to change things within a school. If you think your child's bus should have a crossing gate, or your school needs a call-back system (the administration calls if your child does not arrive at school), then gather other parents together and complain.

There is also other things that each of us can do:


  • Need to be taught to always keep in mind that cars may not see them
  • they need to be dressed in ways they can be seen
  • They need to be taught proper exiting and walking habits.


  • Need to always be watching.
  • Need to make sure kids are not left in cars or put in unsafe conditions.
  • Need to make sure the safest routes to school are used.

All of us

  • Need to watch for kids on the road
  • Slow down for school buses and other vehicles where children are exiting
  • Ask ourselves if the funding choices of less busing routes makes sense, especially with the increased risks.

With School Safety month upon us it's important we all do our part to make this a safe start to the new School Year.

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