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As Mayor of St Paul, he called for Tort Reform day, which was against frivolous lawsuits. As a Senator, he voted for insurance companies, big business and against the rights of regular consumers. Norm Coleman seemed to champion the idea of closing the courthouse doors to medical malpractice victims, women, the young and the elderly. The results are in from the election and he files a lawsuit.

I guess he thinks the courts are just for him. Or maybe this will cause another change in his historically inconsistent positions. I doubt it, but I guess it’s possible. Clearly he is within his rights to fight this thing to the end, but let’s not pretend that it’s got anything to do with really caring about protecting the peoples right to vote. If that was the case, his argument would be to count every vote, no matter what. He wouldn’t be asking for just certain absentee ballots to be considered. He just wants to win and those who pumped money into him, need him to win because they’ve already lost a lot of his big business protecting friends.

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