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Mike Bryant

School is Back: Let’s be Safe

School is back in session with the Sate Fair now almost done here in Minnesota. Safe Kids has some great advice to keep everyone safe:

Here are some simple reminders for drivers:


Mike Bryant

Summer Days on the Water Still Need to be Safe

The rain has finally stopped and it’s the hot season here in Minnesota, so many people are taking to our many lakes. Great time for water skiing, swimming and fishing. It’s even fun to just float…

Mike Bryant

Man Killed by Train in St. James

Saturday morning a 60 year old man was killed by a train in St James. What happened is still being investigated. History tells us that the railroad companies may not go out of their way to find…

Mike Bryant

Is Weight an Issue For City Buses?

As the average weight of bus passengers has been rising, the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) is proposing raising the assumed average weight from 150 pounds to 175 pounds. The significance will…

Mike Bryant

This Winter Has Had Too Many Snow Plow Collisions

In a average year, there are 93 accidents involving Minnesota snow plows. With each snow fall, more than 1,500 MnDOT drivers clear the 12,000 miles of state roadway. As of last week, there have…

Mike Bryant

Minnesota Skiers There Is No State Tramway Board

In other states, where there is enough of the white stuff to ski with regularity, there are state tramway boards. Their jobs are to oversee lift and resort safety. So what happens in Minnesota? …

Mike Bryant

Separate School Bus Accidents Injure Six

Monday afternoon, there was a car/ school bus collision at an intersection south of Staples. On the school bus were students from the Staples-Motley School District . The bus was for special-needs…

Mike Bryant

Round Up With BNSF

A number of us here at the Injuryboard have written about issues with BNSF railroad over time.
The Burlington Northern Case Now Heads To The Appeal Stage, Mike Bryant | August 07, 2010 10:05…

Mike Bryant

What Will The Railroad Ride Along Teach Us?

It was reported the Minnesota State Patrol did ride alongs on trains in Minnesota the last week in August. They were put there to look at what the possible reasons could be for car/train accidents…

Mike Bryant

Round Up: Safety Issues, Recalls, And Quiet Zones

- Ford is back with another big auto recall this times it’s 575,000 1998 to 2003 Windstar minivans in order to reinforce the vehicle’s rear axle. Apparently they can corrode and fall off. Sounds…