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Medtronic Paid Surgeon May Have A Different Definition Of Full Disclosure


There have been a number of stories about doctors who have been paid big money by Medtronic at the time they were doing studies or prescribing the use of Medtronic products. One of those researchers has been under scrutiny about whether he really did the tests. The reasoning behind the University of Minnesota requirement for their doctors to disclose links to outside companies was to make sure patents get full disclosure.

Despite these changes, a Senate committee is claiming that Dr. David Polly, head surgeon of the University of Minnesota Department of Orthopedic Surgery:

1) Testified before a Senate committee without disclosing that he was being paid by Medtronic.

2) Told Medtronic about the progress of government-sponsored research.

3) May have given inaccurate information to a university ethics committee.

All at the same time that the doctor was receiving $1.2 million in consulting fees, honoraria, and expenses from Fridley-based Medtronic between 2003 and 2007. The response has been that there was proper disclosure, which you would think would be able to be confirmed.

Medtronic needs to continue to disclose their payments to doctors. Hopefully, the investigation of what happened here will continue. It is vital that patients get the right information about the products that are being used.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    Again I have “movie like” visions of odd things occuring at the Fridley super employer. I certainly wish them well as a company, but it would be nice to see less “potential serious problems” coming out from associate related issues.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    They need to tell the patient about what and why they are doing procedures that they are so clearly involved with. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.